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Blog Posts in 2014

Brand/Trade Name Value

Can a brand or trade name have value apart from the business? Yes. However, the ongoing business, if profitable, will enhance the brand value and be enhanced by the brand. For the profitable business, ...
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Estate Valuation

At the end of 2012 taxpayers and practitioners were scrambling to complete estate plans to shift wealth to next of kin. The major concerns were the expected changes in 2013: The estate tax rate might ...
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Phantom Stock

Phantom Stock Plans (PSP) are written, contractual agreements between the company and key employees. While usually designed to parallel actual stock ownership, they allow the company to provide a ...
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Cost Segregation

Beginning in June through early September, TMG was extremely busy with cost segregation studies for property placed in service in 2013. Obviously, the taxpayers wanted to file the new tax depreciation ...
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Recent Engagements

Transfer Pricing (Section 482) – US Company (US) with a German subsidiary. US transferred some software to Germany and required two things to comply with IRC Section 482: (1) value of the IP; ...
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Considering an 83(b) Election

Careful consideration should be given to potentially significant tax liability with respect to stock issued to founders, employees and contractors (in lieu of other compensation). Often, startups and ...
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Why Value Your Company Before a Sale?

The positive reasons greatly outweigh the cost, for starters. In some cases, the valuation analysis might be provided to the buyer(s). We recommended that not be done, unless the buying party provides ...
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Cost Segregation Study

A cost segregation study provides the best support for maximum tax depreciation. Personal property (assets) and corresponding costs are isolated from the long-lived building categories. In addition to ...
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Life Insurance Policy - An Overlooked Asset

Life insurance policies are assets, whether owned by an individual, a trust or a corporation. And the death benefits are usually not taxable. These are many reasons today to develop the value of a ...
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Built-In Capital Gains Tax

One of the issues we now see regularly is the computation and deductibility of built-in capital gains (BICG). This occurs when appreciated assets in a C corporation are sold, about to be sold, or the ...
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Deciding to Sell

Most business owners face the dilemma of deciding when to sell. The answer is not simple. Obviously, selling at the right or best time is deal. But how can you determine that "best time?" In ...
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