Current Client Activity


IP Valuation – client owns a portfolio of product and process patents. Part of our analysis involved grouping related patents for ease and efficiency of valuation. In addition to the valuations of each group, we opined as to fair licensing fees so client could effect contracts with various manufacturers.

Gifting Valuation – client originally wanted business value and minority interest of a common share. The first task was a value of 100% of the business. Upon completion of this phase, client decided to prepare for a sale in 6-12 months. The sale will be conducted by our FINRA registered company, Mentor Securities.

Cost Segregation: IRS Audits

In the last year or so, we have experienced the IRS performing more targeted audits of cost segregation studies. Unfortunately, the IRS agents are very uninformed as to what costs qualify as personal property; also, they do not understand their own regulations regarding such items as non-personal property retail improvements being depreciated over 15 years. One of our major retail clients faced these challenges. We were able to fully support our detailed costing and tax lives assigned to personal property for the significant store remodelings.