The environment for litigation valuations has increased in parallel with the improved economy. That makes sense, as plaintiffs have more to spend on lawyers and the potential payoffs are magnified.

We are increasingly retained in litigation to provide objective assessments of value and damages for cases involving real property, equipment and personal assets, IP, and businesses. In some cases, the plaintiff is merely arguing for outrageous damages without any expert proof for the claim. In those instances, we suggest to counsel that the opposing party present evidence to support their claim. Our first job is to critique their "expert" opinion. Then, we will offer a cogent appraisal that supports the most realistic value for the asset or business.

If we are approached by the plaintiff, we carefully determine the following:

  1. Credibility of person(s) bringing the lawsuit.
  2. Ability to pay.
  3. Case specifics, such that the alleged facts are logical and complete.
  4. Data available and accessible.
  5. Preliminary assessment of damages and chance of winning the case.

Based upon the above, the preponderance of our clients are corporate defendants.