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Expert Testimony and Litigation

Our experienced, senior professionals often serve in litigation matters as experts. These roles may include the following:

Preliminary Economic Assessment
Preliminary analysis of lost profits and damages; may include review of other experts' reports; consultation with attorney and client regarding the case economics. Attorney-Client privilege most often invoked to safeguard preliminary findings.

Detailed Analysis
Prepare detailed report, including full explanation of assumptions, approaches, and basis for conclusions; optimum use of graphs and charts to support findings and analysis.

Pre-Trial Preparation
Pre-trial conferences with attorney and client; develop strategy and key points for cross examination of opposing party's experts; may develop full report to rebut other experts; preparation for deposition, both reviewing our files and "practicing" with client's attorney; usually involves participation in settlement conference; preparation of courtroom visual aids.

Expert Testimony
Utilizing detailed analytics to present objective opinions in clear and precise manner; withstand cross-examination by careful preparation of facts, assumptions and basis for conclusions.

Example of Client Results Achieved


Client: Major oil corporation with investment in supplier’s technology.
Issues: Damages from technology infringement and contractual default.
Result: Complete study of market feasibility for innovative technology. Result was value assigned to technology. Also, determined the economic damages to supplier and oil company based upon the technology value and licensing potential, as well as production cost savings. Court affirmed that damages included decrease in business value (goodwill) of supplier.

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