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Who We Are

Davis R. Blaine, ASA

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Davis Blaine, Chairman of both Mentor Securities LLC and The Mentor Group Inc., is expert in the accounting, tax, and financial aspects of acquisitions, recapitalizations, valuations and appraisal. He has frequently lectured and written on technical valuation issues. Mr. Blaine has counseled many clients on buying, selling, or raising capital. In addition, he has prepared companies for public and private investment, strategic partnership, and joint ventures.

D. Justin Blaine

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Justin Blaine is a Managing Director of Mentor Securities LLC and The Mentor Group Inc. His experience includes performing business and IP valuations, including Monte Carlo simulation. These valuations have ranged from medical service firms to car dealerships….from Internet advertisers to construction companies…and from consumer goods to aerospace, and many more.

Brad M. Cashion, CFA

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Brad Cashion is a Managing Director with The Mentor Securities LLC and The Mentor Group Inc. He has extensive experience in valuing and preparing private companies for sale and capital raising. In addition, he has participated in financing of real estate and business assets. Among the investment banking transactions completed by Mr. Cashion are sellside, buyside, restructuring, strategic partnerships, private placements, spinoff, and senior and mezzanine debt. He has counseled many public companies regarding fairness opinions, stock options for IPO's, and acquisitions.

Jon S. Epperson

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Mr. Epperson is Senior Manager at The Mentor Group, Inc. He has more than twenty years of professional experience preparing numerous cost segregation studies of new and used construction. These depreciations analysis have significantly reduced taxes for clients in industrial, retail, office, medical, residential rental, refineries, auto dealerships, broadcast facilities, and high-tech operations.

George Hamilton

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A Managing Director with The Mentor Group, Inc., Mr. Hamilton manages and performs detailed analysis for a variety of multi-location projects. Mr. Hamilton has been the project manager on international valuation assignments in over 14 countries, including purchase price allocations, privatization studies, fixed asset valuation, and cost segregation for both domestic and international taxation and accounting requirements. In addition, he has implemented fixed asset systems for many large and mid-sized corporations.

Frank R. Hough, CCM

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Frank Hough is a Managing Director and Senior Consultant with The Mentor Group and consultant with Mentor Securities supervising all management consulting activities at The Mentor Group. He is also a consultant with Mentor Securities. He has an extensive background in commercial banking, the energy and real estate sectors, and financial and management consulting.

Eric D. Klein

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Eric Klein is a Managing Director with Mentor Securities LLC and The Mentor Group Inc. As an investment banker, he has completed a variety of corporate advisory transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, capital raises (debt and equity), and RTO's (reverse take-overs). Many of these transactions involved emerging growth and established middle-market companies. Primary industries include information technology, manufacturing, business services and eCommerce. He actively maintains extensive domestic and international relationships with institutional (Private Equity Groups, Family Offices, SPAC) and strategic investors.

James Lisi

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Jim Lisi is a Managing Director with The Mentor Group, Inc. His experience spans numerous industries for valuations of businesses, partial interests, and intangible assets (IP).

Gary E. Lotzer

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Gary Lotzer is a Managing Director with Mentor Securities LLC and The Mentor Group Inc. He is an expert in business valuation, business and marketing plans, industry research and financial modeling. His valuations have been used for partner dissolutions, IRS estate tax support, litigation damages, and business sales.

Wesley E. Romberger III

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Wesley Romberger is a Managing Director and Senior Financial Appraiser with The Mentor Group. He has diverse and substantive expertise in the valuation of both public and closely-held companies. Engagements have involved options, preferred and common stock, derivative securities pricing and intangible assets. He has counseled many buyers and sellers, and written detailed prospectus for raising capital.

M. Mark Sarchet, ASA

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Mark Sarchet is a senior finance professional who has valued and sold many businesses in a variety of industries. The breadth of his practice includes financial advisory, business and IP valuation, and valuations of financial derivatives and debt instruments. These analyses have involved public and private companies in numerous industry segments, from hedge funds to high tech.….. from medical instruments to food distribution …… from aerospace to software development, and more.

Fritz Strehlow, CSBA

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Fritz Strehlow is a Managing Director with Mentor Securities LLC and The Mentor Group Inc. with expertise and extensive experience in business valuations, mergers and acquisitions, raising equity, and business management. His work has involved private and public entities - corporations and partnerships. In addition, he is an expert witness in financial valuations.

Senior Professionals

The TMG management team includes persons well-known in their respective disciplines. We have relevant experience in nearly every industry and with every type of asset.

Ben Beckwith

Ben Beckwith is a Senior Analyst in cost segregation with The Mentor Group. His engagements have involved restaurants, commercial development, hospitals, medical labs, retail, industrial, waste treatment, apartments, garment, consumer goods processing, and all types of manufacturing and industrial facilities. Ben has developed software applications for maximizing tax depreciation and supporting IRS audits.

Roger Chantel

Roger Chantel manages and performs machinery and equipment appraisals throughout the United States. These appraisals have been used for financing, property tax, allocation of purchase price, and other purposes. He has testified in court on numerous occasions.

Chuck Cheeld

Chuck is a California Certified Residential appraiser. A senior appraiser, his reports have been used for estate tax, property sales and assessments, and litigation. He is qualified as an expert witness.

Daniel Christian

Daniel Christian specializes in the appraisal of single family residences, multiple residential units, apartments, condominiums, planned unit developments, and small commercial facilities. His appraisals have been used for gifting, estate tax, charitable donations, litigation, and 1031 exchanges.

Andrew Collins, FRICS, AACS

Andrew Collins is a senior real estate appraiser with experience in multi-state and international engagements. His appraisals have included vacant land, commercial, industrial, retail, agriculture and vineyards, and many types of special purpose facilities. He is qualified as an expert witness in many courts.

Glenn Griffin

Glenn Griffin is a certified general appraiser for Pennsylvania and New York. He also performs real estate feasibility and advisory consulting. Appraisal assignments have covered every type of property – from hotels and golf courses to major residential developments…from major industrial plants to regional shopping centers. Studies have been used for litigation, property tax appeal, sale, estate, IRS audit, portfolio review, and liquidation/bankruptcy.

Robert Hunt

Robert Hunt manages and performs machinery and equipment appraisals throughout the United States. He has a particular specialty in the food and agriculture industries and all types of industrial equipment. Mr. Hunt is expert in modeling for forced liquidation.

David Johnson

David Johnson is a senior real property appraiser in California, with an emphasis on land, commercial, industrial and apartments. His appraisals have been applied to estate tax, condemnation, sale, litigation, charitable gifts, 1031 exchanges, and governmental agencies.

Rhys Jones

Rhys Jones is a Senior Equipment Analyst with The Mentor Group. His clients have ranged from aerospace contractors to healthcare facilities and many other industries. His appraisals have been used for sale, bankruptcy, property tax, lender collateral, and receivership. He is adept at software applications for fixed asset reporting.

Bert Jones

Bert Jones, Senior appraiser, manages and performs appraisals for a wide variety of inventory, equipment, and machinery - from computers and peripherals to steel production equipment and MRI's. Examples of machinery and equipment appraised include computer, high tech milling, food processing, printing presses, oil and gas drilling, transportation, medical imaging, and manufacturing. On numerous occasions he has testified in court as an expert witness.

Mark S. Justmann, MAI

Mark Justmann is a Senior Real Estate Appraiser with The Mentor Group. His experience spans multi-state and international appraisals for all types of commercial, industrial, multi-family, vacant land, and special purpose facilities, estate homes, and agriculture. Most of his appraisals have involved the Western U.S. - California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado.

John Kruzinski, ASA

John Kruzinski manages and performs machinery and equipment and real estate appraisals throughout the United States. He has a particular specialty in the food and agriculture industry. These appraisals have been used for numerous purposes, including sales-leaseback, property tax, financing, bankruptcy and auctions.

Alexander Kurin

Alexander Kurin manages and performs real estate appraisals throughout the United States. He has a particular specialty in multi-location projects. These appraisals have been used for financing, sale, reorganization, property and estate tax, depreciation basis, and allocation of purchase price.

John McCarthy

John McCarthy has experience in commercial, retail, apartment, and signle family residence. These real property appraisals have been conducted in numerous states for estate, litigation, dissolution, and financing purposes.

George Ruth

Senior appraiser of real property, George Ruth focuses on Southern California real estate. Among his engagements are supermarkets, nurseries, recording studios, apartments, condominiums, offices, hospices, restaurants, retail, warehouses and vacant land. His reports have been applied to litigation, divorce, 1031 exchanges, settlements, estate and gift tax, and sale-leaseback.

Andrew Sheriff, MRICS

Andrew Sheriff is a senior real estate appraiser with multi-state and international experience. He has appraised nearly every type of industrial, commercial, retail, apartment, government, university, and manufacturing property. Some of the major facilities include petrochemical, food and beverage, cement manufacturing, plastics, and rubber plants.

Philip Yu

Phil Yu, Senior Real Estate Appraiser, appraises all types of properties, including retail, commercial, apartment, industrial and agriculture uses. He has served as an expert witness, involved in major litigation cases. Phil appraises real estate in many states, which have been used for financing, sale, bankruptcy, property and estate tax, and allocation of purchase price.

Who We Are
Davis R. Blaine
D. Justin Blaine
Brad M. Cashion
Jon S. Epperson
George Hamilton
Frank R. Hough
Eric D. Klein
James Lisi
Gary E. Lotzer
Anastasia Merkouri
Wesley E. Romberger III
M. Mark Sarchet
Fritz Strehlow

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