Estate/Gifting - Litigation Damages - Cost Segregation - Developer



Valued a garment accessories firm. Non-voting stock gifted to two children, requiring a discount for the non-control, illiquid positions.

Litigation Damages

Defense lawyers hired us to assess if company patents infringed the plaintiffs IP. Key analyses were the market size for use of the patents and whether plaintiff IP value was compromised.

Cost Segregation

Automobile dealerships are rife with personal property, such as car lifts in the service …………. These costs qualify for shorter tax depreciation lives. For a major Chicago dealership we segregated nearly 40% of the acquisition cost as personal property.


We were hired by a developer to appraise vacant land zoned for single family residences. Part of our analysis included an assessment of entitlement costs; in addition, we determined reasonable absorption of the entitled lots to estimate present value.